So rn I’m at my grandparents’ house. In the guest room. (or, WAS in that room, to be  exact…)

I was just doing my APUSH summer homework when I notice a spider on the textbook.    -_- (I hate spiders…but I didn’t know they liked history)

Before that, in the night, I was sleeping when a bigger spider crawled by me. I quickly got up and it ran away. (It almost got my sis, though… luckily, I warned her)

When I told my mom about it, she said, “There’s another spider over there.” So I look up and there’s this HUGE SPIDER!!! Ughhhh I hate bugsssss

So I moved away from that guest room. I don’t ever wanna go there again! Too many spiders!

Alright end of my spider rant.

And back to APUSH homework…*sigh*


Missing Someone You Barely Know


Do you know what I mean when I say that I feel connected with someone I just met, even though I barely know her? And that I miss her so much, even though I barely know her?

She’s 6 years older than me, and in college, but she’s so nice and funny and what not. She’s amazing at makeup and is so sweet and talks to me and thinks I am smart for some reason.

I’ve only known her for 2 weeks but I feel like I’ve known her since forever. She feels like a sister to me.

When I left my summer program on Friday, the last day, she asked to take a picture of me. I asked her to take a picture with me instead.

I found out later that she did in fact take a picture of me. I was on her Snapchat story which was realllyyy unexpected. I wonder what I mean to her…?

She’s so nice. I’m really going to miss her. I only knew her for 2 weeks yet I love her like a sister.

I feel like I have this strange connection with her. Do you know what I mean??



Story #2:

Ms. S was testing us on our homework exercises. One girl didn’t do her homework so she was trying to come up with the answer on the spot, and she kept messing up.

This girl is also my friend, so I was trying not to laugh. I accidentally smiled and looked up and there was Ms. S, looking back at me and smiling, AGAINAGAINAGAINNNNNNN

So much dejavuuuuuuuuuu


(lolol i mean ~sky~)

Story Time

I haven’t posted in a while…

I have a story… so you know how I’m in this summer program thing? Well, there’s a teacher, let’s call her Ms. S. She’s the teacher of the class with the whole cheating incident thing (which is well over, thankfully). So Ms. S barely smiles and stuff and almost always has a strict face, but she’s still my favorite teacher (I’m a weird person but I LOVE HER! She’s so niceeee, at least, to me lol)

Anyway. Ms. S was testing us on vocab (in another language, to English). I got all my words right! 🙂 But this one girl, N, didn’t really know her words. Here’s an idea of how her vocab quiz went (without the actual words because you might not know them):

Ms. S: What does “z” mean?

N: On?

*This is incorrect

Ms. S: “L?”

*This is what “On” is in the language 

N: In?

*She didn’t realize Ms. S was tricking her…

Ms. S: “R?”

*This is what “In” is in the language

After a while, Ms. S told N to study her words because N kept getting them wrong.

What Ms. S was doing was telling N the same word she had just said (since N was doing it incorrectly). But N didn’t realize this and thought Ms. S was giving her a NEW word (instead of the SAME word N has just said!). If that makes sense.

I was trying so hard not to laugh because I knew all my words and it was kinda funny (but I wasn’t laughing at N, who’s really nice to me, I was laughing at Ms. S’s trick).

So… I accidentally smiled. I sit right in front of Ms. S, and I looked up (idk why).

Here’s the thing… Ms. S was looking right at me and was smilinggggg tooooooo…!!


Ms. S almost never smiles…and it was kinda embarrassing when she caught me smiling….


I don’t know what to thinkkkk

But I still love Ms. S. She’s amazinnggggg!!



You know how I’m taking this summer program? Well, we had a test. The teacher called me and this other girl, let’s call her L, to sit at one desk.

L kept tapping me during the test and I could feel her eyes on my paper, even though I tried to cover my answers. Later I was told by another girl that L was indeed looking at my paper and copying the answers.

I don’t know what to say…L was really nice to me. This is the first time anyone has cheated off of me! 😦

Sigh….welcome to my life…

The good news: I told the teacher later, and she said she had seen L, too. She said, “It’s ok.” So hopefully it is.

I could feel tears in my eyes when I told my teacher though…why would I cry over that?? Just emotions I guess?? Mood swings??




I haven’t posted in a little bit because I’m in a summer program right now. It’s really nice! Everyone is SUPER DUPER friendly and helpful and nice. I’ve made so many new friends! But what’s funny is how I know and have actually met some of my classmates. I know one girl, let’s call her Amy, from meeting her on a vacation a year ago. I remember her, but she doesn’t really remember me… but we’re still pretty good with each other. She’s incredibly sweet. 🙂

There’s another girl, let’s call her Hannah. Well, apparently, I’ve met her before but I don’t exactly remember. She remembers me perfectly, though. Continue reading “Un-Strangers”

Stories :D


Hey everyone! I remember on my old blog I used to write a lot of stories! I wish I had saved them, but unfortunately, they’re gone now. 😦

Don’t worry, there’s good news! I decided to write more, since I have all this free time on my hands. (But I’ll be busy for the next month or so, heads up!)

Here’s the link to the story: Friends For…Never? 

Feel free to give me advice/questions/comments/concerns about the story if you have any!